Hair Wash


Who are we and what do we do?  

Studio 64 is a new-ish salon in the Edgewater neighborhood of the historic Bryn Mawr Ave district!  We were founded on the belief that quality hair services with great salon personality was lacking.  So when I found myself with the opportunity to open Studio 64's doors, I jumped at the opportunity.  


We have  two goals for your experience.  First, we want to provide you with an amazing salon experience from beginning to end.  Have fun!   Relax!   Enjoy yourself!  Its a chance to escape from the world!  The second is that we not only want to watch you walk out looking amazing, but we want you to be able to recreate the look we achieve at home. (Unless of course you want to pay us to come do your hair everyday!). You are the one that has to work with it everyday.  So we want to educate you on how to do that and make it so that you can.   Easily!    

We know you have choices in where you go for your hair!  We also know how important hair is to your own feelings of self and how that translates to those you interact with daily.  So, as the founding member of Studio 64, I personally would like to thank you for entrusting us with something that is so meaningful and personal!  

Once again!   Welcome to Studio 64!  Your hair is our command!